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Why is web design so important?

By April 17, 2016 No Comments

For those of you who were not able to hear me talk at the Women Techmakers Galicia conference in Vigo, here’s a written version of my presentation about why web design is so important.

Web design is not just about colour, layout and fonts, it’s so much more! I have recently started to approach my designs from a marketing perspective. This means that my designs focus on how to generate more leads or sales on a website. A good web design can and will fuel the success of your company, but how?

Understand how you lose potential clients

I am going to start off by showing you an example of how you can lose potential clients through a bad web design:

When I search for “Bavarian Brauhaus” on Google, I get the following results:


I click on the second link (as the first snippet contains German, and my German isn’t great, I am not going to risk it). This is where Google sends me:


This website is far too chaotic and confusing so I instantly click “back” and leave the website. Thus, that business has just lost a potential client.

Understand how Google reacts to this

But not only have they lost potential revenue, they have also increased their bounce rate. This is an additional problem, as a high bounce rate will harm your rankings in Google. It is a vicious circle: The lower you rank, the less people will enter your website. The more people bounce back, the lower you will rank.

This means that a bad web design will lead to less revenue for your business and also to less visitors on your website.

Think about it: If you spend time and money on driving traffic to your website through online marketing without investing in a good web design beforehand, most of your marketing investment is wasted.

Help your potential clients find what they are looking for

Let me give you a different example of the importance of design. I visit a website that has a very chaotic structure and content that is very difficult to understand. I spend about 20 seconds trying to find the information I’m looking for, but I just can’t find it. I leave the website and I look for what I need on another website.

If I had found the service or product I was initially trying to find on the first website, then that company might have a new client. Due to a lack of user friendliness on their website, they don’t.

55% of visitors spend less than 15 seconds on a website*, if it takes them longer than 15 seconds to find what they’re looking for (in this case, a bluetooth parrot), they’re going to buy that article off another website.

Show your potential clients that your business is trustworthy

My last point for today is trust. If you’re an online shop you need to have a design that makes your potential clients trust you. They have to be willing to leave their credit card details on your page and believe that they are actually going to receive the goods they ordered.

If I go on a website that seems unsafe, I won’t buy anything from that page. The risk of losing money scares me. An example of a page that does not seem very trustworthy is this one:

There are many more examples I could give, but I think these three are the most important ones. I’d be happy to hear your opinions on the topic!