About me

Hi! I am Ana Cidre, a frontend developer from England but currently living in sunny Spain.

I am starting this blog to write down everything I learn and mainly to have everything in one place. Hopefully, this blog will not only help me but other developers too, whether they are just starting a career in tech or are already seniors.

So a bit about me.. I am currently starting up a software development agency (codestrand) with my friend Orestes. I have also been named a Women Techmaker Lead and I run my own women in tech local group called GalsTech. I try my best to make the tech world a more diverse place and I also love giving back to the community that is why I am also an organiser of GDG Vigo. As you can see in the photo I also like mentoring and one of my favourite initiatives is ngGirls.

Get in touch

Send me a tweet or a direct message (I have them open for any questions!).

If you need to reach me via email, you can find me here: ana[email protected].

A special thanks

There are a few people who I would like to thank for all their time in helping me either become a better programmer, or are just there to help with things like building this blog:

  • First of all my friend Orestes for showing me the way to where I am today.
  • Secondly I Brecht Billiet who is my mentor!
  • Thirdly to all of those people who are always happy to help whenever I have a question, you know who you are.
  • Last but not least to all my friends, family and the Angular community who are constantly helping me in all sorts of shapes and forms <3